I like to go by the name cRegloria because It means to create glory. My artwork takes a critical view of society, spirituality, and challenging issues in our homes that many families bypass or hide. I like to question what a sacrifice means; what does identity mean when we search for ourselves? Do we truly walk in faith, and can such a word be defined?

We ignore how our babies and children are continually being snatched away from us, sold, abused, assaulted, and premature deaths. Not until it hits our own home do we take notice and respond. We have to act now! My work communicates the impact of gun violence; its effect on the individual, the community, and the nation. I believe redemption is for all; we are those lotus flowers that grow out of the mud and rise to the sun. We are those orchid flowers that bloom so vibrantly but die and come back as new. We have to be willing to stand against temptations that take hold of us and stop being a slave to them.

Call it out, and I will respond so creatively.